Screening Data



Library Name

active against any

G+ve Bacteria

S. aureus

G-ve Bacteria any

E. coli
K. pneumoniae
P. aeruginosa
P. aeruginosa 5x ∆(mex)
A. baumannii

Fungi any

C. albicans
C. neoformans

No Toxicity for any

Cytotoxicity HEK 293
Haemolysis hRBC

Screening Type

chemical Properties

Molecular Weight (MW) [Da]

Between 50 and 1650


Between -9.8 and 10.2

No. rotatable bonds

Between 0 and 56

Topological Polar Surface Area (tPSA) [Ų]

Between 0 and 710

Rule of 5 (Lipinski)

Between 0 and 5

Rule of 3 (Congreve)

Between 0 and 4

Druglikeness (QED)

Between 0 and 1